Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Sailing in St.Thomas

"US Virgin Islands - Sailboats from around the world gathered in St. Thomas this past weekend, to sail the clear blue Caribbean waters at the International Rolex Regatta. Over 60 teams competed, sailing all types of boats from little Hobie 16 beach cats all the way up to Kialoa V, a Frers 80 which was the largest yacht in the fleet.

As usual, the sailors enjoyed magnificently sailing, tacking and gybing their way around the various cuts, cays and islands off the east end of St. Thomas. 'Wandering through the islands was spectacularly beautiful,' said Ron O'Hanley, sailing the Cookson 50 yacht Privateer. 'It was also very tricky,' added the boat's navigator. 'You don't want to give the islands too much of a berth because then you're going a longer distance, but you also don't want to hit the rocks.'"

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