Sunday, November 30, 2008

BBC NEWS | Asia-Pacific | Beached whales die in Australia

"About 150 whales have died after being stranded in a remote coastal area of the Australian island of Tasmania.
Many of the long-finned pilot whales, which were discovered on Saturday, had been badly injured by jagged rocks.
Rescuers did manage to shepherd about 30 whales trapped in shallow reefs to safety using a small boat, an official said."

BBC NEWS | UK | England | Kent | Disabled sailor to attempt record

"A yachtswoman is to make a second attempt to become the first quadriplegic woman to sail solo around Britain.
Hilary Lister, who is paralysed from the neck down, plans to embark on the journey next May using a 'sip-and-puff' system of straws to control her yacht."

Saturday, November 29, 2008

County Working to Clear Hurdle for New Seabeck Marina :

The last steps to build a new marina in Seabeck will be finalized in the coming weeks, ending what has been a lengthy — and at times frustrating — process for the county and marina developers."

The flow of "Boat people" has resumed

"Indonesian and Australian police have stopped 14 boats laden with asylum seekers from travelling to Australia this year, including at least three in the past six weeks, as people-smuggling activity accelerates across the archipelago. Four boats have made it to Australian waters. On Thursday, one of them, with 12 Sri Lankans aboard, became the first boat in two years to reach the mainland, near Shark Bay in Western Australia. Government sources said the arrivals, who were being transferred to Christmas Island, would have access to Australian law should they claim asylum."

Sail Away at Lloyd Tan Photography

"They say paradise is hard to reach but I got to one of Philippines’ haven. As of press time, I’m in Boracay, celebrating a long weekend, away from the metropolis, stress and rush of the big city."

Marine Park

"A marine park is a park consisting of an area of sea (or lake) sometimes protected for recreational use, but more often set aside to preserve a specific habitat and ensure the ecosystem is sustained for the organisms that exist there. Most marine parks are designated by governments, and organized like watery national parks.
Some marine parks are quite large; the Great Barrier Reef Marine Park in Australia is the largest, at 350,000 km."

Pearl Harbor survivor from Waco to share his story on CBS' 'Early Show'

"This time of year, Frank Curre Jr. of Waco is a popular guy. His phone rings with invitations for numerous gatherings. It’s not that the 85-year-old retired newspaper pressman is the life of the party. It’s that he’s a survivor.

At 18, the Central Texan was serving aboard the USS Tennessee, moored in Battleship Row in Pearl Harbor, when the American fleet was attacked by the Imperial Japanese Navy on Dec. 7, 1941. The ammunition supplier watched as torpedoes and bombs sank the USS Arizona in an assault that ultimately killed almost 2,500 men and�damaged or destroyed eight battleships."

Friday, November 28, 2008


Boat lettering extraordinaire by the original .com guys at marinegraphics. Online since 1993! [dinosaurs :)]

Millionaire Yacht Owner Killed in Mumbai

"Cyprus born pastry seller and self made yachting millionaire Andreas Liveras was one of those shot dead in the Taj Hotel in the ongoing attacks on various locations around Mumbai. Owner of Liveras Yachts, which owns and charters luxury yachts, Andreas had come to Mumbai to scout for business opportunities.

In 1963 Liveras had immigrated with his family to the Kensington district of London. He started driving a delivery truck for a bakery, and selling the pastries as he went."

Thursday, November 27, 2008

Cape Cod harbor master charged with being fake fed -

"BOSTON—A part-time assistant harbor master on Cape Cod has been charged by federal authorities with pretending to be an armed federal agent so he could bypass airport security."

Two excellent free boat calculators

"Boating enthusiasts love to fiddle with things - for many of us it’s part of the joy of owning and using boats. Some, like me, go further and start to create actual new boat designs, even if we do keep our creations on the small and simple side of the street.

If you’ve tried designing or re-designing a rig, you’ll know that the arithmetic can be tiresome and if you have you’ll be interested in these two calculators developed by one of my friends from the Yahoogroup Boatdesign, Peter Vanderwaart."

Onboard with Eric Clapton

"Eric Clapton may be one of the world's greatest living rock stars but he is also an unpretentious family man who wants a yacht that he can relax on. The saloon encapsulates this perfectly.

Rather than a single formal space with designer furniture that look so immaculate you hardly dare sit down, Va Bene's saloon is divided into four separate areas with clusters of contrasting chairs, sofas, tables and cabinets. One group of guests can be relaxing round the card table and matching leather chairs, while others stretch out on the big taupe corduroy sofa to watch a movie. That still leaves room for him to sneak off into another corner and perch on one of the special armless low-level chairs to play his guitar."

Time limit on free anchorage

"CORONA DEL MAR -- Boaters anchored in the free Corona del Mar anchorage may have to cut their stay short, if the city’s attempt to impose a 72-hour time limit is approved by the California Department of Boating and Waterways and the Newport Beach City Council."

Volvo race organisers warn yacht crews over India situation

"HONG KONG (AFP) — The organisers of the round-the-world Volvo Ocean Race have warned participants to be extra-vigilant ahead of their arrival in the Indian port of Kochi after a series of coordinated attacks in Mumbai."

Costa Rica Marina Delays

"QUEPOS, Costa Rica -- Marina Pez Vela, under construction at the Pacific port of Quepos, announced that its grand opening has been delayed until May 2009. It had been scheduled to open last December, but the opening was delayed when the outer breakwater was enlarged to better withstand southerly swells."

Wednesday, November 26, 2008

SailMail - SailBlogs Wiki

Looking for a solution to keep in touch or publish a web while travelling? Sailblogs is awesome and in concert with this sailmail system seems like a winner.

Many budget-conscious SailMail members primarily use SailMail's network of SSB private coast stations to enjoy the most cost-effective email communications worldwide. Other than the membership fee to join the SailMail Association and the initial hardware cost of a SSB and Pactor modem, there is no cost per message for use of the SailMail radio network.

The SailMail Association is a non-profit association of yacht owners that operates and maintains an email communications system for use by its members. SailMail email can be transferred via SailMail's own world-wide network of SSB-Pactor radio stations, or via satellite (Iridium, Inmarsat, Globalstar) or any other method of internet access (cellular networks, WiFi).

internet cafe | Hannah

"Turns out the gale, which we familiarly call 'our gale', was the biggest one of the year in New Zealand. One cruising club member who gave Steve a ride when he hitched in Paihia said so. Des, a Kiwi weather institution who sounds like Old Father Time on the radio, says he was scared in his house on land. That explains some of the cheering and clapping as we pulled up to the dock."

Bay Area ferry fleet welcomes new green boat

"A brand-new San Francisco Bay ferryboat sailed under the Golden Gate Bridge during rush hour Tuesday morning on its maiden voyage. It's the first of a new fleet that is part of a big expansion of ferry service."

Holiday gift idea: LEGO City Coast Guard Patrol Boat a

"Splash to the rescue with the Coast Guard Patrol Boat. The tower has spotted an emergency - someone is in trouble at sea. Send out the Coast Guard patrol boat and use the crane to lift him out of the water."

Tuesday, November 25, 2008

Volvo Race confronts piracy as it heads to Asia

"The race's eight yachts left Cape Town, South Africa, on Nov. 15 on the second leg of the contest. They were told to sail out hundreds of miles east from southern Africa before turning north toward India to keep well away from Somalia's pirates.
'Piracy is something that is taken very seriously,' the race's spokesman, Lizzie Ward, said in a telephone interview Monday from race headquarters near Southampton, England.
The boats are expected to arrive in Kochi, India, beginning Sunday and the crews will get security briefings to discuss the threats from pirates in Southeast Asia."

Monday, November 24, 2008


"Fish Story

Bill Driver, who lives in Wichita, KS, saw a ball bouncing around kind of strange in the lake and went to investigate.

It turned out to be a flathead catfish who had obviously tried to swallow a basketball which became stuck in its mouth!!

The fish was totally exhausted from trying to dive, but unable to because the ball would always bring him back up to the surface."


"It's the world's first High Speed Amphibian car. A sports car that takes to the water. Aquada, as it is known, can take off from a boat ramp, a slipway or the beach, and glide effortlessly as a speed boat across rivers or out to sea."

An Ocean of Rubbish

"The Great Pacific Garbage Patch consists of a mind-numbing amount of flotsam and jetsam that equals an area often cited as being around the size of Texas. Also known as the Eastern Garbage Patch, said trash vortex is located between 135 to 155W and 35 to 42N. Or, between Hawai'I and California for those of you who don't have any compasses or GPS systems handy."

Sunday, November 23, 2008

Volvo Ocean Race 2008/2009

"Delta Lloyd – Matt Gregory (Navigator)

“Where am I? I went through the wrong door of the time machine. Beam me up Scottie.” Gerd Jan Johnnie Poortman said as he emerged from the companion way onto deck.

A lot of things changed during his four-hour slumber in the bunk.

Sun, warm, nice smoooooth waves, 15 knots of wind. The boat was silently - gently brushing aside a bow wave as we glided along at 14 knots of boat speed.

Fortunately, for me, I’ve had an action-packed day. I’ve been moving the boat through a wind transition zone, like a queen attacking the king on a chess board."

Yacht repair facility earth work begins in Maritime City

"Dubai Maritime City, the world's first purpose-built maritime centre that is part of the Dubai World Group, has started earth works for the construction of its yacht repair facility designed by maritime engineering and consultancy firm Royal Haskoning, a statement said.

The new facility has been conceptualised in line with Dubai Maritime City's strategy to expand its portfolio of maritime services within the integrated maritime complex. It will be built on 82,000 square metres, the largest chunk of land in Dubai Maritime City's Industrial Precinct."

Ala Wai harbor important to all boaters

"Honolulu's Ala Wai boat harbor has been the topic for dozens of Water Ways columns over the years. And perhaps the most important reason is it's the biggest income producer of the 19 state-run boat harbors in Hawaii.

It perennially generates enough revenue to be recognized as the 'cash cow' for the Division of Boating and Ocean Recreation's Boating Special Fund because more and larger vessels can moor there and can be charged higher fees due to its prime location on the edge of Waikiki."

Saturday, November 22, 2008

Lobster named George goes on display in Dana Point Harbor | Outposts | Los Angeles Times

"Butch Sanders, an employee at Dana Wharf Sportfishing, caught the 12-pound lobster in the photo while hoop-netting Thursday night.

Lobsters this big are not good eating, but Sanders brought the bug to shore anyway, alive, and decided to donate it to the nearby Ocean Institute."

Sailor in Spain saved by 999 call

"A worried wife's 999 call in England led to the rescue of a sailor who spent four days in a life raft off Spain.
Jayesh Patel, from Finchley, north London, was travelling from the island of Palma to Tarragona, Spain, with a friend when a wave sank their yacht."

Al Jazeera English - Africa - Somali pirates vow to defend boat

"Pirates in control of a Saudi oil tanker anchored off the Somali town of Haradheere have said that they will fight against any military attempt to free the vessel.

But the captors of the Sirius Star have no plans to destroy the boat, a member of the pirate gang told the AFP news agency on Saturday."

Special salmon season proposed for Santa Cruz harbor - Santa Cruz Sentinel

"SANTA CRUZ -- With the salmon fishing season closed this year, and perhaps next, efforts are being made to open a small slice of Santa Cruz waters to anglers anxious to get back in the game.

A plan submitted by a county advisory board calls for limited salmon fishing at the Santa Cruz harbor. The intent is not to reel in the wild chinook, whose dwindling runs prompted cancellation of the fishing season, but to go after hatchery fish that are released in the harbor each year to supplement the recreational catc"

Using a Boat as Wrecking Ball - Video

"A jealous crane operator flipped out after catching his wife cheating and uses her boyfriend's boat has a wrecking ball, This is too crazy to be true, but it's definitely imaginative."

Friday, November 21, 2008

Revised rules at marine sanctuaries allow tow-in surfing at Mavericks - Los Angeles Times

"After seven years of soul-searching, federal officials on Thursday agreed to allow tow-in surfing at California's most famous big-wave riding spot, known as Mavericks, as part of a major expansion of federal rules governing three marine sanctuaries.

The revised rules ban chumming for great white sharks around San Francisco's Farallon Islands for thrill-seeking divers in cages and photo-snapping tourists -- rules that have long been enforced closer to shore in waters colloquially known as the Bloody Triangle for their history of shark attacks."

A Holiday Home on the Move -

"Launched in April 2007, the Tamsen is deep blue of hull and light and airy in superstructure. It was built by Perini Navi of Viareggio, Italy, one of the yachting world's best-known construction companies.
Each Perini vessel takes around three years to build and costs more than 500,000 euros ($625,000) per meter of length, depending on the degree of customizatio"

Ocean Protection Council Issues Action Plan to Reduce Marine Debris | Surfline | Environmental News

"Place consumer fees statewide on the use of single-use plastic and paper bags
Ban smoking on all state beaches and install cigarette butt receptacles at transition points to reduce the amount of cigarette litter
Prohibit the use of polystyrene take-out food packaging and expanded polystyrene (EPS)
Compel manufacturers to redesign single-use packaging to reduce their likelihood of becoming marine debris, e.g. leashed or tethered bottle caps, lids and straws"

Pot smugglers toss 5 tons of marijuana into sea

"Marijuana smugglers dumped bales of pot worth $32 million into the sea when a Newport Beach-based Coast Guard cutter started chasing a suspicious boat about 100 miles southwest of San Diego."

Thursday, November 20, 2008

Lady Moura Yacht images

"One of the world’s largest luxury yachts in Antibes, in the south of France."

Nice wordpress photoblog!

WildlifeSAIL - Inspire a new generation to understand and care for the oceans

The WildlifeSAIL project is based on a sound strategy and collaborative alliance with various conservation organizations like WCS (Wildlife Conservation Society, NY, USA). The project is well-harmonized between the sailing and adventure know-how provided by the WildlifeSAIL-Group and the science expertise offered by the collaborating conservation organizations.

With the assistance of WCS and other conservation organizations, WildlifeSAIL is assembling a dynamic list of international marine and coastal wildlife conservation field projects that the catamaran WILDLIFE will visit and participate in throughout the WildlifeSAIL project. Conservation field projects are evaluated by their geographic location, optimal seasonal visiting times, and WildlifeSAIL's potential for participation. Field projects visited by WildlifeSAIL are managed by WCS and other international and local conservation groups.

Negotiations for hijacked Saudi oil tanker begin - Wikinews, the free news source

Negotiators are located on board the ship and on land. Once they have agreed on the ransom, it will be taken in cash to the oil tanker. We assure the safety of the ship that carries the ransom. We will mechanically count the money and we have machines that can detect fake money,' the man said. He did not mention any specific amounts for the ransom."

Pirates strike again off Horn of Africa --

NAIROBI, Kenya—Pirates prowling the treacherous waters off the Horn of Africa hijacked another merchant ship Tuesday, at least the fourth in four days.

One shipping company said it was abandoning routes through the area, taking a longer trip around Africa.

The Hong Kong-flagged cargo ship Delight and its 25-person crew were captured Tuesday off the coast of Yemen, Beijing's Xinhua news agency reported, citing the official Maritime Search and Rescue Center. It was hauling 36,000 metric tons of wheat to the Iranian port of Bandar Abbas, the news service reported.

U.S. forces in the Middle East confirmed the hijacking but could provide no further details."

Marina Orlova

Normally I wouldn't do this, but I couldn't resist. Everyday I scour the web for news related to boating, marinas, and while I found that this has nothing to do with boating, or our waterways, it was very educational none the less!

"Marina Orlova (born December 1980) is a Russian-born philologist (although primarily an etymologist) who has become an internet celebrity, hosting one of the most popular channels on YouTube, HotForWords, and a corresponding website. She also hosts a bi-weekly radio show on Maxim Radio on Sirius Satellite Radio. The theme of Orlova's YouTube videos, which begin with the tagline 'Intelligence is Sexy', and of her website is tracing the origins of English words. Some of her entries focus on common everyday words such as irony and OK, while other address lengthy and rarely used tongue-twisters such as floccinaucinihilipilification and antidisestablishmentarianism. Some entries also address idioms, including 'let the cat out of the bag', 'dressed to the nines' and 'three sheets to the wind' or new words like the verb 'to google'. As a Moscow Times editorial observes, Orlova's success is not solely attributed to her pedagogical value:"

Wednesday, November 19, 2008

Ammonoq Submersible Boat Lets You Breath Inside The Water

"Ammonoq is the new name which you will keep saying because it is a new type submarine called submersible boat. This is a completely new type concept with a revolution and it has been equipped with all the necessary things to survive inside the water. The fin wheels of this boat provide a steady movement in the water where as an on-board re-breather of this boat gives the facility to breath completely and safely for the passengers. : New York Boat Show Plenty To See

"If you are planning to visit the 104th New York National Boat Show at New York City's Javits Center take notice. The dates of the show have been changed. This year the popular boat show will run from Dec. 13 to 21.

Show producers are expecting 80,000 boating enthusiasts and more than 1,000 of the newest and best in luxury motor yachts, cruising yachts, sport fishers, bass boats, performance boats, pontoon boats, personal water craft and inflatables. And that's not all. Also on display will be the latest in fishing gear, engines, and marine accessories. And since the economy is slow you should find the best deals of the year."

Brisbane to Gladstone Yacht Race Wins Tourism Award - Australian Sailing News -

Brisbane to Gladstone Yacht Race Wins Tourism Award - Australian Sailing News - "Since 1949, Queensland Cruising Yacht Club (QCYC) has been conducting the annual sailing 308 nautical mile pilgrimage to Gladstone each year and celebrated its 60th anniversary earlier this year."

Multi-million warship sets sail |

BUFFALO, N .Y. (WIVB) - A multi-million dollar naval warship is preparing to set sail from Buffalo's Waterfront Monday. The USS Freedom docked in the Queen City for a one day sneak peak at the state of the art prototype.

It was a rare chance to see the newest generation of navy warship, and even the brisk wind howling off Lake Erie wasn't going to keep these folks away. Retired Navyman Jerry Nowak wanted to see what the new Navy is all about."

Pirates Commandeer Busy Shipping Lane : NPR

"India's navy says one of its warships patrolling the Gulf of Aden battled Somali pirates and destroyed one of their so-called mother ships — a supply vessel that helps the pirates operate in open water. The attack occurred Tuesday, the same day Somali pirates hijacked two more ships."

Tuesday, November 18, 2008

Norwegian shipping firm to avoid pirate-prone Gulf of Aden | ABS-CBN News Online Beta

"OSLO - Norwegian shipping company Odfjell said Monday it would no longer sail through the pirate-plagued Gulf of Aden, choosing instead the longer, more expensive but also safer route around Cape of Good Hope.

'We will no longer expose our crew to the risk of being hijacked and held for ransom by pirates in the Gulf of Aden,' Odfjell chief executive Terje Storeng said in a statement." : Self Healing Yacht Hulls: One Student's Research

We were sailing at night when we hit the whale. We were thrown from our bunks by the collision, which shocked us all, and knocked a large split in the side of the yacht. However, with our self healing hull, only a small amount of water entered before the hole covered again, and the automatic pumps were able to deal with it easily...'

Sounds like stuff from a science fiction movie? In the future, it just may be possible, thanks to a female doctoral student in Lausanne, France."

Saturday, November 15, 2008

GMANews.TV - Yacht for scuba divers to ply RP waters in 2009 - Business - Official Website of GMA News and Public Affairs - Latest Philippine News -

"MANILA, Philippines - A British yacht operator will operate a cruise vessel for divers covering sites in the Visayas and Palawan starting November next year, the Tourism department said in a statement.

Worldwide Dive and Sail’s 40-meter S/Y Philippine Siren will ply routes from Mactan to Apo Island, from Southern Leyte to Bohol, and from Boracy to Palawan dive sites via the Apo Reef."

Victoria’s Secret Angels Photoshoot Aboard Yacht in Miami Beach | Celeb Gossipz

"Victoria’s Secret Angels are in action in the last couple of says, first they went on a holiday shopping, then they decided to hop into their bikinis while their latest move involves a photoshoot aboard Yacht in Miami Beach. Pretty wild if you ask me! As we said earlier, girls are preparing for The 2008 Victoria’s Secret Fashion Show that will air on Wednesday, December 3 on CBS."

Solar Hybrid Yacht Shows Electricty and Water Do Mix | Autopia from

"Who says water and electricity don't mix? The world's first solar-electric-diesel hybrid yacht will have you impressing the greenies at the Yacht Club and sailing the seas in style.
The Island Pilot DSe Hybrid catches rays with a 6.8 kW solar array that'll get you to Margaritaville and back at 6 knots with zero emissions. But if the sun ain't shining in Cocomo, you can crank up the Steyer Motors parallel hybrid system that mates a 75-horsepower diesel engine and a pair of 36-horsepower electric motors powered by a 20-kilowatt-hour battery pack"

Amwaj Marina is unveiled

"A NEW 60,000 square metre waterway access to the $1.5 billion (BD567 million) Amwaj Islands development has been unveiled.

The circular Amwaj Marina facility has a capacity for 145 berths and will be able to host up to four super-yachts in deepwater berths."

British Teenager To Sail Into Record Books As He Circles The Globe

"A British teenager is set to sail into the record books - by becoming the youngest person to sail around the world single-handed.

Friday, November 14, 2008

In bad economy, boat owners abandon their vessels

"SAN FRANCISCO — From Southern California to Maine, the foundering economy, high fuel prices and poor fishing have driven boat owners to abandon perhaps thousands of vessels on the waterfront, where they are beginning to break up and sink, leaking oil and other pollutants.

Boats have long been a barometer of consumer confidence, disposable income and the overall state of the economy. Now, marina and harbor officials are reporting a sudden increase in the past year in the number of deserted pleasure boats and working vessels."

Monday, November 10, 2008

World news Feed Article

PEARL HARBOR, Hawaii (AP) - Aging, frail survivors of the 1941 Japanese attack on Pearl Harbor gingerly sifted dirt as they helped to break ground on a new visitor's center for the USS Arizona Memorial."

Spy Tall Ships on the Horizon

Spy Tall Ships on the Horizon|The Sag Harbor Express: "Sag Harbor’s history as a port that has welcomed sailing vessels of all stripes — from clippers and schooners to brigs and barques — is a good reason, some believe, for the village to host a tall ship or two (or more) next year."

20 die in Russian nuclear sub accident

20 die in Russian nuclear sub accident: "VLADIVOSTOK - At least 20 people were killed on board a Russian nuclear submarine, the navy said yesterday, in an accident that exposed the gap between the Kremlin's ambitions and its military capability."

Holy Web!: A team of international archaeologists have set sail from Mexico to seek a sunken city that has been dubbed the "Mayan Atlantis"

Holy Web!: A team of international archaeologists have set sail from Mexico to seek a sunken city that has been dubbed the "Mayan Atlantis": "A team of international archaeologists have set sail from Mexico to seek a sunken city that has been dubbed the 'Mayan Atlantis'.

Quoted by the Mexican newspaper Milenio, team leader Paulina Zelintzky, a Russian archaeologist, said sonar equipment had given indications there could be ancient structures on the ocean floor between Mexico's Yucatan peninsula and Cuba."

Sailing to the Continent -Times Online

Sailing to the Continent -Times Online: "There were eight of us somewhere in the middle of the North Sea, heading for England from Holland on the Trinovante, an 80ft, three-masted schooner. It takes 40 minutes to fly from England to Amsterdam; it’s the best part of 24 hours to sail back. As we emerged from IJmuiden lock to start our crossing at nine o’clock at night, we divided into two watches of four, the theory being that in shifts of four hours, one would work the boat while the other slept. Unfortunately, the wind whistling up from the southwest was dead against us, so we had to motor into it."

Ericsson 4 breaks record in Volvo Ocean Race - International Herald Tribune

Ericsson 4 breaks record in Volvo Ocean Race - International Herald Tribune: "Skipper Torben Grael and his crew covered some 590 nautical miles as a much anticipated cold front hit the fleet Tuesday, bringing with it gale force winds and accelerating the high-tech racing boats toward Cape Town. The record is still subject to ratification, but was a vast improvement on ABN AMRO 2's mark of 562.96 miles in the 2006-07�race."


"Pilote Media, publishers of yacht racing business website, have announced a new directory of professional sailing. The Dark Blue Book - the who’s who of yacht racing will be published in early 2009, containing information about key people and organisations from around the world."

DSe Hybrid Yacht

Yachts are normally not something you would associate with alternative energy, but the DSe Hybrid (diesel, solar, electric) green motor-yacht recently made its eco-debate at Fort Lauderdale International Boat Show. The DSe is making greenish waves with its 6knots electric cruising speed (zero emissions) and 8knots diesel cruising speed. The eco-yacht superstructure is designed to maximize the horizontal surface for the 6kW photovoltaic solar array. The manufacturers predict the DSe will get up to 5knots using only the 6kW solar arrays" : A Yacht Purchase - a Life Style Investment : A Yacht Purchase - a Life Style Investment: "Money was part of what kept the family from buying a boat for years, even though Ron had long wanted one. Until four years ago, Ron’s wife, Kay, had been home raising their two boys, Dan, now 15 and Will, 17.

'We don’t have trust funds for our kids or oodles of discretionary income,' Ron said. 'So I was the one who kept saying, ‘Do we really need to be spending money like this when we need to get money in the bank for college?’ '

Instead, the Stefanskis came to realize, the boat was an investment in something much more valuable than money.

'When you look at life from that perspective, it’s about creating memories,' he said. 'Because the good moments can be fleeting and they can be peppered with other experiences that you don’t want to be as memorable.'"

Outdoors | The quieter side of Roche Harbor Resort | Seattle Times Newspaper

Outdoors | The quieter side of Roche Harbor Resort | Seattle Times Newspaper: "SAN JUAN ISLAND — Not that Roche Harbor Resort tries to distance itself from its boating-resort roots, but summer comes only once a year.

This historic property, once the site of a lime quarry and manufacturing plant dating to the late 1800s, has tried to broaden its appeal and extend its tourist season. A sculpture park, hiking trails and more shops have been added in recent years. The resort now features a new Frisbee golf course and an amphitheater that is home to a local summer production of Shakespeare. Next spring, an interpretive trail through all the historic landmarks will be ready."

Tuesday, November 4, 2008

Massive waves a mystery at Maine harbor - The Boston Globe

Massive waves a mystery at Maine harbor - The Boston Globe: "Dockworker Marcy Ingall saw a giant wave in the distance last Tuesday afternoon and stopped in her tracks. It was an hour before low tide in Maine's Boothbay Harbor, yet without warning, the muddy harbor floor suddenly filled with rushing, swirling water."