Monday, January 31, 2011

Real Fast Powerboats

Reggie Fountain Powering Up New Boating Company: "Fountain says the name of his new boating company is RF or Real Fast Powerboats.

It was back in December that Fountain left the company he had owned for more than 30 years after it went bankrupt and Liberty Associates bought it.

Now he says he plans to continue his passion for the boating industry with this new company. Fountain says, 'What we've got is the latest great stuff. I want to re-do engineering and it's going to run faster, look better, be more modern.'"

Sunday, January 30, 2011

Saturday, January 29, 2011

As far as boat names (esp. Navy warships) go...this is just wrong, sorry.

HMS Gay Viking - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia: "HMS Gay Viking was a Motor Gun Boat of the Royal Navy, serving with Coastal Forces during the Second World War. Gay Viking was one of eight vessels that were ordered by the Turkish Navy, but were taken over by the Royal Navy during the Second World War to serve as a flotilla of blockade runners"

Monday, January 24, 2011

Flying Yacht Concept

I've always felt people relied too much on their cars: "The Fly Cruiser features wings with integrated jet engines. Wings extend outward from the body to accelerate the boat until it’s hydroplaning on a stability board, which it then retracts once it’s moving fast enough."

Wednesday, January 12, 2011

An iPad-Controlled Yacht

Diddy Takes a Cruise: "We’ll be the first to admit that his album promotion antics can be a little over the top, but no one can deny that Diddy does lux like the best of them. For his current family vacation, the mogul is shelling out approximately $850,000 per week – you know, lunch money – for a cruise on an iPad-controlled super yacht. Yeah. Don’t even think about browsing Mac’s new App Store for access to this technology. The custom-made software from German luxury yacht company Lurssen allows privileged passengers to remotely customize and control everything on board, just short of the steering wheel."

Sunday, January 9, 2011

Oracle leader wants to bring sailing to the people | San Francisco Examiner

Oracle leader wants to bring sailing to the people | San Francisco Examiner: "The America’s Cup has long been an elite regatta, but when framed by Alcatraz Island and the Golden Gate Bridge, it will become a sport for the masses.

That is the vision that billionaire Larry Ellison and the leaders of his yacht-racing team, Oracle Racing, articulated Wednesday to about 200 sailing aficionados and others at City Hall, celebrating his choice of San Francisco as the 2013 event’s venue."

48 days, seven hours and 45 minutes

Palo Alto's Honey named nation's top yachtsman: "U.S. Sailing has named Palo Alto's Stan Honey its 2010 Yachtsman of the Year. He beat out nine other finalists and will be honored Feb. 25 at a luncheon at the New York Yacht Club. He will receive a specially engraved Rolex timepiece.

He was cited as 'one of the most outstanding offshore sailors known worldwide' by a member of the award's selection panel.

Honey becomes the second American to receive the honor for the fastest circumnavigation of the globe, following Cam Lewis in 1993."

Friday, January 7, 2011

Moby Dick Marathon

New Bedford Whaling Museum: "There is no bad time to read Melville. For the past 15 years in early January, the New Bedford Whaling Museum has a held a Moby Dick Marathon, an event which includes a non-stop reading of the great American novel. This year’s festivities will be spread over three days starting Friday night, January 7th, running through Sunday, January 9th. From their website, it appears that there will be a live feed for anyone wishing to watch remotely."