Friday, January 30, 2009

Boaters: Drop anchor and stay here awhile

"A Charleston County Council committee Thursday voted in favor of allowing non-commercial boat owners to keep their vessels in Charleston County's waters up to 180 days each year without paying a property tax.

The full council will take up the matter for the first time Tuesday. If it ultimately passes, boat owners no longer will be limited to staying in the county 60 consecutive days, or 90 total days, before having to pay the tax on their boats."

Thursday, January 29, 2009

Battleship North Carolina, a magnificent WWII memorial in Wilmington harbor � Shout About South Carolina Travel, Family Attractions and Free Things to

"North Carolina is one of the most decorated and beloved battleships in US naval history. During World War II North Carolina participated in every major naval offensive in the Pacific and earned 15 Battle Stars. She became the first of 10 fast battleships to join the fleet in WWII."

Best and Worst things About Living Aboard - Boating, Sailing and Cruising Forum: For Cruisers - BY Cruisers

"Best Things:
Peace and Quiet
Constant motion of the boat
Feeling less connected to the rat race
Able to do boat projects quickly and in any spare time
Ability to move as easily as pulling up the anchor
Living what I Love"

The Associated Press: Japanese boat seized by Russia off Sea of Japan

"TOKYO (AP) — A Japanese fishing boat carrying 10 crew members was seized by the Russian coast guard Tuesday off Japan's northern coast.
The crab fishing boat No. 38 Yoshimaru was caught at night off the northern coast of the Noto peninsula in an area believed to be outside Japanese territorial waters, Foreign Ministry official Kotaro Otsuki said."

Tall ships set sail for Belfast - Local & National, News -

"Funding of 1m will go towards berthing facilities at Belfast’s docks thanks to the hosting of the Tall Ships this summer.

A major programme of events was launched at Belfast Harbour Commissioner’s Office yesterday to mark the finale of the Atlantic Tall Ship Challenge 2009.

Tourism minister Arlene Foster said the Belfast Maritime Festival 2009, featuring the Tall Ships Atlantic Challenge, would focus the international spotlight on Northern Ireland this summer."

Boat Inspection Trip Tips

"I wrote this thread for another forum, and decided that it probably fit best here, since it doesn’t really apply to any type of boat specifically and there’s no 'Buying a Boat' forum on this site. Some parts of this thread were contributed by Maine Sail, who many of you may know. Here it is—

After reading a bit about what people think is or isn't necessary when going to look at a boat... I decided to put together this thread."

Tuesday, January 27, 2009

NOAA / Google earth Mashup.

"Welcome to, a portal to NOAA's Official Raster Nautical Charts. Please be patient as we grow our infrastructure and prepare imagery for more regions across the United States."

Monday, January 26, 2009

Coast Guard rescues vessel thanks to EPIRB | WWAY NewsChannel 3 | Wilmington NC News

"A 30-foot sailboat ended up almost 40 miles off shore with torn up sails and no power. If it wasn't for the distress call system they had on board, the search may have had a much different outcome.

The lost boat sent out a mayday through an Emergency Positioning Indication Radio Beacon, or EPIRB.

The EPIRB is a device the coast guard recommends all boaters have, because it uses satellites to send out the distress signal and can reach help no matter how far out on the water a vessel is."

Geelong Week in Australia

"Australia - A truly massive turnout of 423 yachts and over 4500 competitors sailed in more than 110 races at this year's Skandia Geelong Week. Australia’s largest sailing regatta, and Victoria’s oldest sporting event, Geelong Week dates back all the way to 1844. This year's event packed in a lot of excitement over four days, and included a bit of something for everyone, with visits from Tall Ships, Grand Prix yachts, Moth hydrofoils, classic sailboats, and racing on some of the hottest speed sailing boats in Australia.
The crowds also turned out in force, with an estimated 100,000 people visiting the waterfront over the 2009 Australia Day weekend, to enjoy the variety of Geelong Week events. Australia Day commemorates the arrival of the First Fleet in 1788 (11 ships which sailed from Great Britain to establish the first European colony in New South Wales), the unfurling of the British flag at Sydney Cove, and the proclamation of British sovereignty over the eastern seaboard of Australia. Thus, it is entirely natural to celebrate the holiday and Australia's colonial heritage by taking to the sea, which the Aussies do in great style."

Sunday, January 25, 2009

Report shows signs maritime industry is in decline

"The Annapolis maritime industry, stung by recession, is rapidly shrinking as it loses boat-related jobs and businesses, according to a new city study released to The Capital last month.

The 2008 City of Annapolis Maritime Industry Economic Survey shows that maritime employment dropped 17.7 percent over the past six years to 1,415 jobs in 2008 from 1,719 jobs in 2002.

The number of new maritime businesses moving to Annapolis also dropped during that time period, from four that moved to Annapolis last year compared with eight in 2002.

Some boat manufacturers have considered moving to lower-cost areas such as North Carolina, where there is a small business and technology center that focuses on the maritime industry, the study reported."

Saturday, January 24, 2009


"The first of Thailand's six annual sailing regattas starts this week with a record fleet expected to set sail in the Phang Nga Bay Regatta, but this event is different from the other five - it was started by John Everingham, a photographer and not a sailor."

Guitar Boat Up For Auction

"We’re not too sure whether the Guitar Boat is romantic or a hoot, but nevertheless, it still exists. Commissioned by Australian singer-songwriter Josh Pyke, he is now auctioning off his Guitar Boat as seen above in order to raise funds for the Indigenous Literacy Charity. The Guitar Boat will appear on eBay’s listing from February 2nd onwards, and most of the auction’s share will go towards the “Busking For Change” coffer which Pyke is launching alongside the Indigenous Literacy Project. You have 10 days from February 2nd to bid with people all over the world in order to have this weird water-based transport parked in your garage (or docked at the pier, whichever floats your, er, boat), so make sure your bank account has enough balance to secure the winning bid. You might not be able to carry a tune vocally, but with the Guitar Boat, you ought to melt the heart of just about any lady who hears of your generosity while you ferry her down the romantic canals in Venice in it."

Australian skipper shot and killed in Antigua

"A gunman shot and killed the Australian skipper of a yacht in Antigua, police said Friday, stirring protests in the affluent boating community that has become a target of the Caribbean island's crime wave.

The victim was shot in the chest at close range Thursday night as he walked through a dockyard area near English Harbor with his girlfriend, Police Commissioner Thomas Bennett said. The motive was unclear and no arrests have been made, Bennett said."

Friday, January 23, 2009

Boating fatalities in 2008 were the lowest in over 40 years

"Fewer boaters died last year on Minnesota lakes than any other year since 1961.

Boating fatalities have declined for the last several years, with 12 people dying last year, 15 in 2007 and 14 in 2006. In comparison, 57 boaters died in 1961, 30 died in 2002 and 23 died in 2005.

Officials at the Minnesota Department of Natural Resources attribute the decline in deaths to more people wearing life jackets and taking boat safety classes as well as tougher alcohol laws and enforcement and larger, more stable boats."

Los Angeles Boat Show

"LOS ANGELES – The Southern California Marine Association’s 53rd annual Los Angeles Boat Show will return to the Los Angeles Convention Center Feb. 7-8 and 11-15, with a huge selection of new boats, gear, marine electronics, apparel and marine services.

According to the show producer, the exhibition will include more than 1,000 boats from 6 to 60 feet in length and will cover an area that is the equivalent of 12 football fields.

Drag Racing champion Ashley Force will make a personal appearance at the show from 11 a.m. to 1 p.m. Jan. 15 at the Nordic Boats display, and will sign autographs for her boating fans."

Thursday, January 22, 2009

The Triton - News for the megayacht and superyacht industry - More than moving across the water, real sailing soaks your soul

"Eventually, I stopped being afraid. This boat wasn’t going to tip over. David knew what he was doing. Sailboats are meant to heel over. I wasn’t happy, but I was safe.

Seeing photos of the Superyacht Cup ( brought it all back, the wind, the water and the power at being heeled over, even a little bit. My heart raced reading his story because even though I only knew a tiny bit of what he spoke – I had clear skies and calm seas on my little sail – at least I knew a tiny bit.

It’s awesome to be on a craft that merges with the water and the wind to move you through space. And while we’re not yet ready to sell our house and escape somewhere on a sailboat, we are talking about where to go sailing this summer, even if it’s just a little sail.

Have you made an adjustment in your latitude recently?"

Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Ethanol lawsuit moves forward against oil companies

"A Florida lawsuit against five oil companies for negligence by failing to warn boat owners of potential harm from ethanol-blended gasoline has survived a motion to dismiss from the defendants, according to an order by the U.S. District Court judge in Miami presiding over the case."

Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Sailboat To Sail Autonomously Across The Atlantic

"Big challenges await the boat, named “Castor”. Storms, high seas, intense sunlight and corrosive seawater – all of these must be taken into account by the students in their planning, design and implementation. The sailing boat will be a high-tech product.
The deck will be fitted with solar cells to supply electricity for the on-board electronics, satellite communications and to control the rudder and sail. The electricity supply is backed up by fuel cells. These will be brought into operation when the solar panels are not supplying any current and the battery is exhausted. The students calculate that 50 kilos of methanol should be enough for the three to four month crossing. Ideally, the solar panels will charge a lithium-manganese battery to such an extent that it can deliver enough energy at night to keep the boat on course. To save weight, the students abandoned their original idea of using lead-acid accumulators."

Adventurer to sail plastic boat into ocean's plastic dump - Telegraph

"David de Rothschild, 30, the founder of Adventure Ecology, will set out from San Francisco in April in an attempt to alert the world to the pollution threat from great Pacific garbage patch.
The area of ocean, known as the north Pacific gyre, attracts waste thanks to the circular pattern of the world's sea currents.
The United Nations estimates there are 46,000 pieces of plastic, most no bigger than a penny, floating on every square mile of the world's oceans which is devastating marine life.
The Pacific patch is the biggest concentration, with a plastic mass estimated at 3.5 tons.
Mr de Rothschild is calling his mineral water bottle raft the Plastiki, in honour of Kon-Tiki, the timber and hemp raft used by Norwegian explorer Thor Heyerdahl, who demonstrated South American Indians could have settled in Polynesia."

Alma's still sailing, 106 years

"The 106-year-old ship, which was originally used to carry timber from Port Macquarie to New Zealand, has performed numerous other tasks over the years, including a stint with the Australian Army during World War II as a training ship for novice sailers, and sailing beside the Young Endeavour for bicentennial celebrations on Sydney Harbour."

Maldives News

"According to Asleem, Hulhudhoo islanders have been “unhappy” with the negative impact the resort has had on the atoll since Yacht Tours took over its management from MTDC.

Not only have workers’ rights been infringed upon but employees within the management have been smuggling alcohol to Hulhudhoo, he alleged. “These things were not happening under MTDC.”"

World yacht race heads for China from Singapore - International Herald Tribune

"Spain's Telefonica Blue embarks on the fourth leg of the Volvo Ocean round-the-world race, one of eight yachts leaving Singapore on Sunday for Qingdao, China.

The leg is about 2,500 nautical miles and expected to take from 10 to 12 days to complete. Race organizers expect this stage to be the one of most dangerous, with sailors likely to meet cold weather and large waves on the way to northeast China."

Friday, January 16, 2009

West Marine revenue dips as same-store sales fall -

Boating supplier retailer West Marine Inc. said Thursday that its fourth-quarter revenue fell 6.1 percent on declining same-store sales.

The boating industry has been pressured as consumers curb discretionary spending due to economic concerns and job worries.

For the period ended Jan. 3, revenue slipped to $111.1 million from $118.3 million a year earlier."

Red Cross Boat Scramble launches this Saturday | | The News-Press

"Cape Harbour Marina in Cape Coral will host the 2009 Red Cross Boat Scramble on Saturday. This leisurely boating event combines the glamour of a regatta with a game of chance. Boaters exchange chips for one hand of cards. Best hands win.

Boaters can begin the scramble where they like, with 12 chip locations opening at 9 a.m. and closing at 4 p.m. Boaters must return to Cape Harbour Marina between 4 and 5:30 p.m. Participants need only stop at five locations but they're welcome to collect a chip at every stop."

Thursday, January 15, 2009

Online Yacht Charter Service for Corporates

"We are beginning a revolution in individual and corporate meetings by helping them arrange it on a yacht online at competitive prices' said Atul Khekade, CEO Airnetz. 'Yachts provide the never experienced new feel and atmosphere to the individuals'.

The yacht charter service --, shall have access to over 2,000 yachts worldwide for Indian customers. Over 25 yacht operators in India are part of the network. Yachts have been extensively used for day-night stays, banquet halls, corporate events in developed countries."

Marina rides out economic storm

"WE MAY be sinking into recession but some of South Wales’ more affluent people appear not to have noticed.
Despite the credit crunch and the seemingly unending gloom descending on economies across the world, there has been no drop off in demand for mooring spaces at the seafront yacht haven of Swansea Marina.
In 2006, the city council completed ambitious plans to expand the marina to accommodate 150 more vessels. The expansion took the capacity from 400 to 550 berths."

Luxury Yacht Charters – St. Vincent & The Grenadines

"On St Lucia there are the Pitons, a pair of massive pinnacles under which we anchor. Next, Chateaubelair on St Vincent, at the foot of Soufriere volcano, a palm fringed cove with huge volcanic rocks and near where 'Pirates of the Caribbean' was filmed. You may even like to visit the set! Then Bequia, one of our favourite islands, laid-back and beautiful. A few miles away is exclusive Mustique, home of the rich and famous. Maybe we'll rub shoulders with 'locals' Mick Jagger, Brad Pitt, David Bowie or Raquel Welsh at world famous Basil's Bar. Then the 'Crown Jewels of the Caribbean', Tobago Cays, a snorkelling paradise. A huge, uninhabited series of coral reefs inside which we anchor. And much, much more. In the Windwards there's something for everyone - solitude or sophistication, or an eclectic mix.
So many islands, so many beaches, fresh fruit and vegetables, enjoy freshly caught fish, lobster cooked on a deserted beach. Great sailing."

Boat Owners in Los Angeles Find Slips at Esprit Marina del Rey - MarketWatch

"MARINA DEL REY, Calif., Jan 13, 2009 (BUSINESS WIRE) -- Esprit Marina del Rey, located just minutes from Venice Beach, Santa Monica and Los Angeles, is a brand new collection of 437 luxury waterfront apartment townhomes. Esprit offers residents adjoining boat slips for lease, giving boat owners the freedom to store their prized possession in a convenient, secure location for as little or as long as they like.
'Our adjoining boat slips measure between 35 and 70 feet, and can accommodate a 115-foot boat on a combined end slip,' said Douglas Ring, a principal of The Ring Group, the developer behind Esprit. 'These slips--which also come complete with cutting-edge, on-water boater support amenities--provide our resident boat owners with yet another level of service that is rarely seen in the rental market. Whether they're staying with us for three months or longer than a year, we want to assure them that their prized possession will be taken care of 24/7, 365 days a year.'"

Boat tax action helps economy

"In an effort to help entice more out-of-town boaters to visit and spend money in Georgetown County, leaders have increased the amount of time a vessel can be in the county without being taxed.

Georgetown County Council unanimously gave final reading Tuesday night to an ordinance amendment which extends the amount of time a boat can be in county waters tax-free."

Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Scuba Diving News

Rising out of the clear blue water, Lieber removed his mask and said, 'It's one of the spookiest things I've ever seen.

'It's a huge vessel encased in a net -- anything that swims into it gets trapped in its billows,' he said. 'The enormity of the task before us is daunting. We're making a little bit of difference today. But we have a long way to go.'

The team of seasoned divers included Avalon Mayor Bob Kennedy, owner of Catalina Scuba Luv, and employees of three other scuba stores on the island. Also on board were UC Irvine marine biologist William Cooper, nature-film maker Tony Christopher and Avalon harbor patrolman Jason Manix. Use of the 200-ton Captain Jack was donated by its owner, Mike Hoover."

Monday, January 12, 2009

Wayward dolphins head to sea, then turn back

"TRENTON, N.J. (AP) _ Just when it seemed that some of New Jersey's wayward dolphins were finally headed out to sea this weekend, they've returned to the Shrewsbury River.

Three of the five dolphins remaining in the river were spotted Saturday in Sandy Hook Bay, about 200 yards north of the Route 36 Bridge. However, officials said they crossed back under the bridge later in the day and returned to the river."

Despite the Recession, Big Yachts Are Selling

"One of the highlights of this year's San Diego Boat Show should have been a luxurious, 100-foot yacht. 'But the dealer called up and said, 'Sorry, we sold it,'' says Boat Show organizer Jeff Hancock.

And that luxury yacht isn't the only one of its kind that's selling at this year's show. Hancock says high-end boats -- 45 feet or longer, going for $500,000 or more -- are finding buyers."

Docmentation versus regisration

"Commercial vessels of 5 or more net tons operating in US waters must be documented by the Coast Guard. With respect to recreational vessels it is an option. What's the difference between registration by a state and documentation, and what if any are the advantages of documentation?

Registration: Federal law requires any undocumented vessel equipped with machinery (engine) to be numbered in the state in which it is principally operated. There is also a requirement for barges of 100 gross tons to be numbered, but this is outside of this discussion which will deal only with recreational vessels,"

Saturday, January 10, 2009

Shipwrecks Harbor Evidence Of Ancient Sophistication

PHILADELPHIA — Surprising insights about ancient shipbuilding have floated to the surface from the submerged remnants of two major harbors, one on Israel’s coast and the other bordering Istanbul, Turkey. Researchers described their finds January 9 at the annual meeting of the Archaeological Institute of America.

Analyses of salvaged crafts indicate that shipbuilders started making sophisticated frames for their vessels by about 1,500 years ago, 500 years earlier than had been suspected, reported Yaakov Kahanov of the University of Haifa in Israel. By a few hundred years later, craft constructors had steadily improved hull designs for a diverse collection of ships, says Cemal Pulak of Texas A&M University in College Station.

Friday, January 9, 2009

2 arrested in MDR for allegedly 'boating under the influence'

"Two people aboard a commercial fishing boat sailing near the Marina del Rey harbor were arrested on suspicion of boating under the influence, coast guard officials announced today.

The vessel's operator and a crew member were working on the De De Marie three miles southwest of Marina del Rey harbor on Thursday, when officers from the Coast Guard Cutter Blackfin determined that the two were intoxicated, said Coast Guard public affairs officer Anthony Turne"

Village plan envisions world-class marina

"Islamorada officials envision the Plantation Yacht Harbor Marina at Founders Park could be the premiere boating destination outside of Key West.

To get there, it will take increases in fees to rent slips, construction of an onsite restaurant, bar and ship store and an aggressive marketing campaign.

It will also take hundreds of thousands of dollars from village reserve funds, which could put off other capital projects, like road paving, for some time. Even then, it could be five years before the marina makes a significant profit."

Passing along marina wishes

"Got any wishes for the waterfront? Now's the time to trot them out.
Waterfront in this case means the eventual marina and the surrounding land that will include amenities of various kinds. The Department of Natural Resources, which is building the marina complex, wants to consider the desires of Two Harbors residents as much as possible when planning what those amenities will be.

I intend to leave much of that up the experts. I don't own a boat big enough to warrant marina dockage, and never will. So, whether they have storage and/or maintenance facilities in some unobtrusive space isn't a big issue to me. If it is to you, now's the time to say so."

Port of Rochester marina shapes into centerpiece | | Democrat and Chronicle

"A kidney-shaped marina with wrap-around residential and commercial development would be the centerpiece of the Port of Rochester redevelopment, under a design released by City Hall.

The marina would be south of the terminal building, and the entrance would be moved about 900 feet south of a previously discussed marina access. The proposal also calls for keeping parking spaces north of the marina — near the entrances to Ontario Beach Park and the pier — and adding more spaces."

Thursday, January 8, 2009

San Diego Boat Show

"SAN DIEGO -- The San Diego Boat Show will return to the San Diego Convention Center and Marriott Marina for its 21st year, Jan. 8-11, 2009, with two new features to address growing industry trends and consumer demand: the Green Boating Zone and the Affordability Pavilion. The sprawling show will present an incredible array of boats and accessories both indoors and on the water.

The San Diego Boat Show is produced by the National Marine Manufacturers Association (NMMA), the world’s largest producer of boat shows. NMMA is the leading association representing the $37.5 billion per year recreational boating industry. Member companies produce more than 80 percent of the boats, engines, trailers, accessories and gear used by boaters and anglers in the U.S."

Homer, Alaska

"Homer’s temperatures hover on the kinder side of zero, compared to our neighbors up the highway, yet dipped its coldest in the latest snap this winter.
According to the National Weather Service, the week’s cold block brought the lowest temperature of minus 6 degrees. That’s probably the warmest it got on the Kenai Peninsula, which saw the cold snap range from minus 25 at Nikiski to minus 36 at Soldotna."

Wednesday, January 7, 2009

Sail and sailing, cruising, boating news

Sail World - Powerboat-world: Sail and sailing, cruising, boating news: "The 2009 Melbourne International Boat & Lifestyle Show is shaping up as the fastest-growing lifestyle event of its type in Australia with more than $100 million of boats expected to be on the water.

To be held at Docklands, 30 January to 1 February, some of the largest and most luxurious boats in the country will create a spectacular on-water display, while a significant number of on-land exhibits – from the latest in trailerboats and marine accessories to travel and holiday information – will stretch from NewQuay to Waterfront City."

Tuesday, January 6, 2009

AFP: San Diego Yacht Club backs Oracle in dispute with Alinghi

"MADRID (AFP) — The San Diego Yacht Club, which defended the America's Cup title in 1992 and 1995, has backed US team Oracle in its legal dispute with Swiss champion Alinghi over the rules for the next edition of the event.
In a statement, the club said it had filed a brief with the New York appeals court supporting Oracle's contention that Alinghi had chosen an ineligible club, Spain's CNEV, to be its official 'challenger of record,' which gives it the right to help set the rules for the next race along with the title holder."

Marine algae may be future of biofuel development

Washington, Jan 5 (ANI): Scientists have determined that biofuel development is shifting from soil to sea, specifically to marine algae.

Referred to as “green bullet”, marine algae is considered as science and society’’s best hope for a clean bioenergy source that will help loosen broad dependence on fossil fuel, counteract climate warming, and power the vehicles of the future.

According to Greg Mitchell from the Scripps Institution of Oceanography at UC San Diego, marine algae are the most efficient organisms on Earth for absorbing light energy and converting it into a natural biomass oil product, the biofuel equivalent of crude oil.

“Algae yields five to 10 times more bioenergy molecules per area, per time, than any terrestrial plant,” he said. “Nothing else comes close,” he added."

Greeters banned at Kaua'i harbor

"NAWILIWILI, Kaua'i — Cruise ship visitors to Kaua'i this year won't get the greeting they may be used to.

After decades of meeting cruise ship tourists, Hawai'i officials banned greeters who work for private tour companies or even free shuttles from harbor property effective Jan. 1.

'What they're taking away is the aloha spirit,' said Ephraim Kaleiohi, owner of Aloha Discovery Island Tours."

More marinas launched to keep up with boat mania - Local News - News - General - The Herald

BOAT registrations have risen 40 per cent in a decade in Lake Macquarie and the Hunter, sparking a rush of plans for new and expanded marinas.
More than 20,000 boats were registered in Lake Macquarie and about 50,000 in the Hunter, figures that were growing about 4 per cent a year, according to studies done for planned marinas.

More than 100,000 Hunter people had boat licences and that figure was growing at about 3.2 per cent a year.

Registrations of large power boats and sailing vessels have surged, generating plans for a new marina and two expanded marinas in Lake Macquarie."

Woman survives 20 minutes under boat | Herald Sun

"A WOMAN was trapped under a yacht for more than 20 minutes while her friends clung on for their lives after the vessel capsized returning from a Bass Strait diving trip.

Gwen Fisher was stuck under the upturned catamaran after it was flipped by a wave just outside the heads of Port Phillip Bay.

Diving companion Rob Laurie went under the boat to find Ms Fisher and stayed with her in an air pocket until water police freed the pair, while their three frantic friends held on to the yacht's hull."

Skipper scares crew overboard - New Zealand news on

"Two crew members of a yacht that spent four days at sea became so worried about the mental health of their skipper that they jumped overboard and swam to shore on the Kaikoura coast.
Kaikoura police said three people on the boat, who were all related, were travelling on the nine-metre yacht Soundsgood. On Friday two of the crew members, from Christchurch, became concerned about the skipper's decision-making and general mental health."

Sunday, January 4, 2009

Dana Point to celebrate 20 years as a city | city, dana, point, incorporation, worked - News -

"Twenty years ago aboard the Pilgrim docked in Dana Point Harbor, the selection of city council was made official. But the road to that day was a difficult one. The road was paved with hard work, but officially began the city in Jan. 1989.
Today, the Dana Point Historical Society will celebrate 20 years of cityhood by reenacting the swearing in of the first City Council aboard the Ocean Institute's Pilgrim in Dana Point Harbor."

Black on blue: The yacht that oozes discreet luxury | Mail Online

"On the ideal superyacht, the technology should be as discreet as a good manservant.

Which is exactly what you get with what has been described as the Jeeves of the high seas: the 120ft Bristolian.

The vessel’s lines might lead you to think this lightweight sloop is low tech – but touchscreens around the boat control everything from sails to lighting."

The family that sails together

"What fun for a family to have a hobby together where we can come together and focus on the same purpose in a day and age where it's so hard to even eat a meal together, because everyone is going in different directions"

Did the Chinese Sail to America before Columbus?

"In April, Capt. Nelson Liu and a crew of eight left from Hong Kong and Taiwan to sail across the Pacific in exactly the same vessel used by Chinese sailors more than 600 years ago. In fact, the Princess TaiPing that sailed into San Diego Harbor on Nov. 16, after stops in Vancouver, Canada; Seattle and San Francisco, was many times smaller than the historic Chinese junks that sailed the seas when China was at the zenith of its maritime power."

Going with the wind

"It takes more than a pair of sea legs to be a sailor. You also need strength and speed.

FOR Antony Sobey, sailing is one thing he will never tire of. “I can go sailing from here to Pulau Angsa every day of the week but no two days will ever be the same. The weather is different and the tides are different as well,” he says.

Sobey, a qualified Royal Yachting Association (RYA) instructor, has been running training courses at the Royal Selangor Yacht Club Sailing Academy in Port Klang, Selangor, for the past three years"

Nick Scandone dies at 42; Orange County gold medalist in sailing at Paralympic Games - Los Angeles Times

"'It was inspirational,' Rocky Scandone told The Times on Saturday. 'Nick knew what he wanted to accomplish, and he kept himself alive for the Olympics. When he was diagnosed with [ALS], we thought it would be a couple years. Around the fourth year he had his eyes set on the Olympics, and we all said, well, that's great to have that goal, but no one thought he would be that strong to last two years. He willed himself through it. It was an incredible, incredible journey.'

An estimated 5,600 Americans annually develop ALS, a degenerative neuromuscular disease that affects nerve cells in the brain and spinal cord. Few patients live more than five years after being diagnosed.

'Without sailing, I don't know where I'd be,' Scandone said after winning the gold medal.

Born March 4, 1966, in Santa Ana, Scandone grew up in Huntington Beach and Fountain Valley. He learned to sail when his mother gave him a choice of summer school or a sailing program at the Balboa Yacht Club."

Saturday, January 3, 2009

Chinese cargo ship shakes off pirate-boat pursuit in Gulf of Aden_English_Xinhua

"BEIJING, Jan. 2 (Xinhua) -- A Chinese cargo ship shook off two pirate boats that were pursuing it in the Gulf of Aden on Friday, said an official with the country's maritime search and rescue center.

The ship, 'Chipolbrok Sun' is owned by the Chinese-Polish Joint Stock Shipping Company and registered in Hong Kong. The ship discovered two blue pirate speed-boats chasing after it at 12:40 p.m. in the Gulf's northern region, said Zhai Jiugang, head of the general duty room of the China Maritime Search and Rescue Center."


"A Brazilian model and her hunky actor boyfriend dashed into the sea in a heroic effort to save a Hamptons wine mogul who'd been mortally wounded in a hit-and-run boat accident while swimming on New Year's Eve.

Covergirl-turned-actress Fernanda Lima and her beau, Rodrigo Hilbert, saw distressed entrepreneur Christian Wolffer, 70, waving frantically from the bay near a private home in Paraty, Brazil, where all three had been attending an afternoon party.

The couple rushed to help, and Hilbert - a former Versace coverboy who played a surfer on a South American soap opera - swam out and pulled Wolffer to shore."

Building South Mississippi Together |Ocean Springs Yacht Club nears completion

"OCEAN SPRINGS, MS (WLOX) - Members of the Ocean Springs Yacht Club are getting excited about the grand opening of their new facility.

The new clubhouse is much larger and nicer than the one destroyed by Hurricane Katrina. But aside from the nice looking structure,the most impressive feature may be the beautiful views from the yacht club's deck."

12-meter trophy

"BRISTOL — Bristol resident and ships carpenter Jerome Mello has helped build a trophy that will be awarded to the winner of the 12-Meter World Class Championships in Newport this September. Mr. Mello fashioned a wooden base that supports a copper pewter cup, using pieces of wood from six 12-meter yachts of the Traditional Class. It will be called The Kennedy Cup, named after its sponsor, U.S. Sen. Edward Kennedy."

AFP: New York Yacht Club backs Oracle in dispute with Alinghi

"MADRID (AFP) — The prestigious New York Yacht Club, which held the America's Cup for 132 years, has backed US team Oracle in its legal dispute with Swiss champion Alinghi over the rules for the next edition of the event.
The club filed a brief with the New York appeals court supporting Oracle's contention that Alinghi had chosen an ineligible club, Spain's CNEV, to be its official 'challenger of record,' which gives it the right to help set the rules for the next race along with the title holder."

Aircraft recycled into yacht

"SYDNEY skipper Sean Langman has revealed he will upsize from the smallest and oldest yacht in the 2008 Sydney to Hobart fleet to the biggest, newest and most radical 'out of this world yacht'' for the 2009 edition of the race.

Langman, who next month will also resume his chase of a world speed record with his radical Wot Rocket, has told The Daily Telegraph his planned yacht 'won't look like it even comes from this planet'' and that it will comprise recycled parts from aircraft in a bid to reduce costs."

Friday, January 2, 2009

Carp and Coarse Fishing in France

If you are going on a vacation in France for just a short time, then you can find what is recognized like The Carte de Peche de Vacances, which covers a fisherman for up to fifteen constant days and can be consumed throughout June 1 and November 30. But, apart from these dates an annual authorization is necessary.
Now you can get licence to do catfish and carp fishing in the local rivers or public lakes, but greater number of people will want to opt this on a dedicated lake. And when you go to a dedicated privately owned lake for carp fishing, cat fishing, etc, then you will not normally have to worry about getting your own individual licence as this will already have either been sorted out by the travel agency or the owner under their regulations."

Yachting with the Rich and Famous

"Singer Beyonce was spotted on the 50 foot luxury yacht Galaxy while cruising St. Barts with rapper husband Jay Z. Beyonce appeared to be having a good time, riding on a jet ski and playing on the water trampoline in the clear Caribbean water."

Total relaxation in U.S. Virgin Islands; for action, there's snorkelling, sailing

"Don't just sit there. Pick a destination and plan a vacation, maybe to someplace a little exotic, where national parks come with tropical beaches, and boats rather than big RVs are a common mode of transportation — a place like the U.S. Virgin Islands."

Family stops in Hampton during around-the-world sail

"They were featured on HGTV three years ago for their organic farm in Austin, Texas. They sold everything they had in Texas, bought a boat and went to sea.

The family is documenting the journey, which began with helping a group in Haiti that helps children get an education."

PBO finds Britain's cheapest marina! - from Practical Boat Owner magazine

"In the new PBO, on sale today, we reveal Britain's cheapest marina in our unique 2009 marina price guide.

The PBO Marina Price Guide lists every coastal marina in the UK and Ireland, in price order, giving you the info you need to compare prices and facilities of marinas in your area.

This could be the time to review where you keep your boat. Many marinas are keeping prices down at last year's levels or keeping price rises below inflation. Others are offering freebies and discounts as incentives. Find out how your berthing costs compare in the UK's only marina price listing."