Thursday, January 22, 2009

The Triton - News for the megayacht and superyacht industry - More than moving across the water, real sailing soaks your soul

"Eventually, I stopped being afraid. This boat wasn’t going to tip over. David knew what he was doing. Sailboats are meant to heel over. I wasn’t happy, but I was safe.

Seeing photos of the Superyacht Cup ( brought it all back, the wind, the water and the power at being heeled over, even a little bit. My heart raced reading his story because even though I only knew a tiny bit of what he spoke – I had clear skies and calm seas on my little sail – at least I knew a tiny bit.

It’s awesome to be on a craft that merges with the water and the wind to move you through space. And while we’re not yet ready to sell our house and escape somewhere on a sailboat, we are talking about where to go sailing this summer, even if it’s just a little sail.

Have you made an adjustment in your latitude recently?"

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