Friday, September 23, 2011

The Whale

Film Review - The Hollywood Reporter: The center of attention here is Luna, a young orca who, at age two, for some reason became separated from his large family, “like a child in a supermarket,” and was stranded in Nootka Sound, an ultra-scenic area more than halfway up the west coast of Vancouver Island. Backed up by images of the black-and-white “killer whale” cavorting, showing off and constantly begging for attention, Reynolds unassumingly informs that Orcas, who have about the same life spans as humans, are very social beings that spend their whole lives in extended family groups. In other words, unless he can somehow rejoin his pod, Luna will have to make do with human contact.

Thursday, September 8, 2011

PITCH2011 Regatta - Kelly O'Neill Cup

PITCH2011 Regatta 
Medevac to Bellingham, I'm waiting for news from the ICU as a friend from the islands is critical condition.  Meanwhile...I always wanted to be Kelly O'Neal.  I like dogs, photography and in the spirit of Kelly I got out there on the dinghy with the dog just like she did...but for my custom duct-taped telephoto mount and did one for the 'ol bucket list - life is short.