Wednesday, April 1, 2009

Anchor Blamed in NFL Boating Accident || | WXYZ-TV / Detroit | Detroit News, Weather, Sports and More

"According to the report, the men were trying to bring the anchor on board when they discovered it was stuck on the floor of the Gulf. It reports that they attempted to use the boat's engine to dislodge the anchor. That caused the boat to overturn, and sent the men into the water. The report lists carelessness and recklessness, operator inexperience and improper anchoring as causing the accident.

The report says that after the accident the men were able to get four floatation devices from the boat. They tried to stay on the hull of the overturned boat. However, according to Schuyler, their weight pushed the hull under the water, making it difficult for them to stay onboard, and keeping the men in chest deep water."

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