Saturday, February 20, 2010

San Diego Obvious Choice to Host America’s Cup

The News: "No sooner had the title of America’s Cup passed into the hands of BMW Oracle Racing, than the rumor mill began to spin about where the next cup challenge will take place.

With good reason, too. The influx of tourism dollars an event of this magnitude brings to its host city is enough to make even the most stalwart city councilmember giddy. Not to mention the economic benefit that comes from housing and feeding several dozen sailing teams for up to a year before the race.

It’s been speculated that the race would stay in Valencia since, after all, the teams are already established there with everything they need. Other sound arguments favor San Francisco Bay because Golden Gate Yacht Club is where BOR calls home and where the cup will be on display. But another worthy contender has thrown her hat into the ring: the fair city of San Diego.

Having already been the host city three times, San Diego is no stranger to America’s Cup. The last time the race came to San Diego was 1995, bringing with it an estimated $500 million in revenue to the local economy."

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