Thursday, February 18, 2010

America's Cup showcases latest sailing technology

This will have to do until we can get the internet live on our contact lenses: "When Australian helmsman James Spithill steers Oracle's giant trimaran, he wears futuristic dark glasses linked to a small laptop and battery which he carries in a small backpack that make him look like 'RoboCop'.

The high-tech glasses allow him to see vital information on wind, sail loads and other topics from wherever he stands on the boat, in addition to deflecting any glare from the Mediterranean Sea in Valencia where Oracle is facing defending champions Alinghi's catamaran in the 33rd America's Cup.

'The first time I used them I had a really difficult time. It actually takes a fair bit of your vision away. Like anything though once you start it you get used to it,' the 30-year-old said."

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