Friday, February 5, 2010

America's Cup

Only 6-8 knot winds predicted for the first race Monday:

"Multihulls have been faster than monohulls since whenever the Tahitians strapped two logs together," said New Zealander Mike Drummond, BMW Oracle Racing's design director. "If it had been a Tahitian Empire instead of a British Empire, the world would have sailed multihulls."

They are the fastest, most powerful and downright extreme boats in the 159-year history of the America's Cup. When they hook into even the slightest breeze, their windward hulls fly off the water by up to 20 feet.

Capable of sailing at up to three times the speed of the wind, USA has flirted with 50 knots. Conventional America's Cup yachts average 11 or 12 knots under good conditions."

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