Thursday, January 28, 2010

Knockabout Sloops: Engineless Sailing

As I scour the web for Harbor-Watch I came across this blog and immediately recognized the lines of this boat.  Watching her sail around my home port has always inspired me to raise my own sails.  Enjoy...

Lopez Island / Fishermans Bay / Sailor extraordinaire: "This is the meandering story of my search for a modern day Knockabout Sloop. A type of sailboat that was common in the early 1900's. These were classic daysailers, weekenders and club racers. Few amenities below, no standing headroom and no auxiliary engine. They were all about the sailing"


Bill said...

Seeing as I managed to quite effectively pile Bolero up onto the Yellow Island Reef, thankfully with minimum damage, last summer;

I think "Sailor Extraordinaire" is a bit over the top. I am just a person who loves to sail and very much enjoys challenges and learning.

Bill said...

Bill, I've run aground there as well!