Tuesday, November 10, 2009

BMW Oracle won't Raise Sail in Valencia

I'm really following these shenanigans this year. What makes it more interesting is that the Beamer was built secretly right under my nose...where I play every other weekend. Now its down where I went to college...Two places I know well. Wish I was sailing in San Diego about now! Go team!

Two new developments this week in the ongoing America's Cup: Firstly, Alinghi seems to have come to a decision that Valencia isn't such a bad venue after all. Though they haven't made it official, it seems that Spain may host the 33rd America's Cup. This is, of course, the venue which most assumed would be chosen, but which the defender Alinghi had refused to consider publicly. It comes as no surprise that there are some legal strings attached to this decision, however.

The second development actually is a surprise: BMW Oracle's boat, BOR90 (aka DoGzilla), has been fit with a rigid airfoil instead of a sail. This 'wing' is nearly twice the size of the wing you'd find on a 747 aircraft, and is both the largest ever attempted on a boat, and the first to be used in the America's Cup. It's truly a surprising move by the BMW Oracle team, and the cause of much speculation on how it might perform in match-race conditions."

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