Thursday, February 19, 2009

Teen continues sailing the world

Where in the world is Zac Sunderland? The Southern California adventure sailor is still in Cape Town, South Africa, where he has been living it up since rounding the Cape of Good Hope two weeks ago. But the parties, concerts and many friends the 17-year-old has made must be left behind, as it's time to resume his unlikely quest to become the youngest person to solo-circumnavigate the planet.
Unlikely because England's Mike Perham, who is slightly younger, is attempting the same feat aboard a much larger and faster boat. Perham's boat, named after his sponsor, is a 50-foot racing yacht. Sunderland's boat, which is not sponsored, is a 36-foot Islander, built more for cruising.
Perham, who is expected to complete his journey in early spring, had planned a nonstop voyage. But he has been forced to port more than once for repairs and he has a rough Southern Ocean sail ahead of him. Sunderland expects to arrive in Los Angeles in late spring or early summer.

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